The Type of the File System RAW
The Type of the File System RAW

If you’ve ever encountered the File System RAW error on your computer, you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this error.

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Causes of the RAW File System Error

1. Corrupt File System Unplugging a USB drive or external hard drive while it’s in use or shutting down
your computer improperly can corrupt the file system.

2. Virus or Malware Infection Infections can cause damage to the file system or make it inaccessible.

3. Manufacturing Defects Some hardware issues can cause the RAW file system error, such as bad sectors on the hard drive or malfunctioning storage controllers

Symptoms of the RAW File System Error

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File InaccessibilityDisk Not FormattedIncorrect Drive Size
Files and folders become
inaccessible, and you may
receive errors when trying to
access them.
You may receive an error
message asking you to
format the disk when you try
to access it.
The file system reports a
smaller size for the drive
than expected.

Consequences of Not Fixing the Problem

Data LossSystem InstabilityDisk Damage
If you don’t fix the RAW
file system error, you may
lose access to critical files
and data.
The error can cause system
instability, leading to other
issues such as crashes and
Continuing to use the
affected disk or drive can
cause further damage to
the hardware, potentially
rendering it useless.

Methods to Recover Data from RAW File System

Use Command Line Tools
You can use built-in command-line tools like Diskpart, Error-checking, and Chkdsk to recover data.

Use Data Recovery Software
There are many software solutions available which can help you recover data from a RAW file system error.

Send the Drive to a Specialist
If the data is extremely valuable or you are not confident in your own abilities, you can send the drive to a data recovery specialist.

Fixing the RAW File System Manually

Run CHKDSK Command
You can try fixing the RAW file system error by running CHKDSK command in command prompt, connect drive the with PC, then run the following commands: chkdsk F: /f /r /x (Replace F with the letter of your external drive.

Format the Drive
You can format the drive, but that will wipe all the data on it, so make sure you’ve backed up your data or you aren’t worried about losing it.

Using Third-Party Software to Fix the RAW File System

A free data recovery tool that can help you recover files from a RAW drive.

Stellar Photo Recovery
A paid data recovery software that specializes in recovering photos and videos from hard drives.

A paid data recovery software that can help recover data from RAW file system on a variety of storage devices like hard disks, USB drives, and memory cards.

Preventing Future Incidents of the RAW File System Error

Properly Eject External
Use Anti-Virus and
Malware Protection
Regularly Back Up Your Data
If you’re using external
drives, always use the
“Safely Remove Hardware”
option to eject them.
Protect your computer
from viruses and malware
by using trustworthy and
regularly updated antivirus
and malware protection
Backing up your data to a secure location is the best way to
protect your important files from any kind of corruption or
hardware failure.