Original price was: ₹30,000.00.Current price is: ₹21,000.00.

The hard drive listed is the same hard drive that is on the picture. Picture is not a stock photo; it is the picture of an actual item sold. If item description and the picture vary, please contact us for clarification. We will gladly look up any other information about this hard drive, in case the information that you are looking for is not specified in the listing and not clear on the picture.

This hard drive is a perfect candidate to be used as a donor part for hard drive repair and data recovery purposes. We do not recommend purchasing this hard drive for retail and regular use, since the price may not always be corresponding with current industrial “per Gigabyte” rates. This donor hard drive is priced, based on its rarity, rather than capacity or condition.

Storage unit has been completely tested and is determined fully functional. Our tests include: reading, writing, sector errors, sector timeout, and SMART check. Unit has successfully passed all tests. Most of our items are used, however, certain units may be new, some may be refurbished. The exact condition is not specified, so consider this unit to be “Used” or judge by the image.

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HDD with Serial Number: X5QFSRLBS
Model: MQ01ABD050V
Date:26 OCT 2015
Product of: CHINA
PCB Revision: MDK 339V-0 W 




DATAFIXIER is a hard drive refurbishing company, which specializes in retailing hard drives, hard drive circuit boards, hard drive parts, data recovery tools, and other hard drive diagnostic equipment and accessories. We offer a large selection of rare, outdated, discontinued, and modern hard drives and PCBs. DATAFIXIER carries about every part necessary for data recovery and hard drive repair projects.

Apart from our wide selection of hard drives and parts, we also offer many data recovery tools. From novice gadgets to the most professional data recovery equipment—we carry it all. For clients who pursue data recovery and hard drive repair for personal purposes, we offer free hard drive diagnostics and an affordable PCB repair service.

Everything we sell originates in our warehouse, located in Highland Heights, OH. Our products are ready to be shipped or picked up at any time.

Our Mission

“DATAFIXIER mission is to be a one-stop parts and equipment solution for data recovery companies and an affordable option for anyone affected by data loss” – ANKIT PATEL, CEO & Founder of DATAFIXIER LLC 

We look forward to your business, and thank you for choosing DATAFIXIER LLC for all your data recovery needs.


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